Mogees lets artists to take advantage of everyday objects using them as musical instruments, breaking the boundaries between the physical and the digital world.

The following short video shows the Mogees connected to different surfaces such as a desk at the office, a tree in a park and even a balloon…

The system works by connecting a small piezo-transducer that converts the vibration of the physical object into an electric signal which is sent to a mobile phone that runs the Mogees software application.
The software analyses the vibrations and convert them into music on the fly, diffused through headphones or loudspeakers.
Every object produces a unique sound, which depends on the physical properties of the object and the way it is touched by users.

Press and awards

First prize at the Laval Virtual Awards 2012 for the “Interfaces et Matériels” category

“The sci-fi touch interface of the future”Extremetech
“Mogees turns any surface into an interactive board”Wired UK
“Mogees will blow your mind: watch it and be amazed”Fastcodesign
“Will touch interfaces of the future rely on sounds?”MIT Technology Review
“Create music on any surface”Engadget
“With Just One Contact Mic, Any Surface Magically Becomes a Gestural Instrument”CreateDigitalMusic

Credits and acknowledgments

Mogees is developed with composer and researcher Carmine Emanuele Cella.
I’m developing this project during a joint PhD between Goldsmiths Computing, University of London under the supervision of Marco Gillies and Mark d’Inverno and at IRCAM Real-Time Musical Interactions team in Paris under the supervision of Frederic Bevilacqua.
The video showed above has been filmed and edited by Cristina Picchi.
Many many thanks to Norbert Schnell, Diemo Schwarz, Ed Handley and Lorenzo Pagliei for their support and inspirations.